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Colombia on top of the world with 3-0 win over Brazil

Colombia on top of the world with 3-0 win over Brazil

Colombia beat Brazil 3-0 on Saturday in Montevideo and are still alive in their hopes of qualifying to a playoff for a ticket to the Rio-2016 Olympic Games at the U-20 Sudamericano in which Argentina and Uruguay will play for the title.

Jarlan Barrera scored the opening goal in the 57th minute, while Joao Rodriguez scored at 73 and 89 for the Colombian win.

With nothing at stake, Brazil was unsure in defense and ineffective in attack.

Barrera, one of the best on the Colombian team in the tournament, made it 1-0 to calm his team.

In the final minutes appeared Joao Rodriguez who scored to make it 2-0 and end any hope of Brazil winning the game.

Rodriguez, who replaced Alexis Zapata in the second half, delighted the audience with a spectacular definition hooking the ball over un-rushing goalkeeper Marcos.

Brazil, who have won the tournament eleven times, end up in fourth place and with Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay will represent the region at the 2015 World Cup in New Zealand.

While Peru and Paraguay, fifth and sixth respectively, will go to the 2015 Toronto Pan American games with Brazil (4) and the team that finishes in third place.

Argentina and Uruguay will define the title and who will go to the Olympic Games in the Centenario stadium.

Humberto Grondona's team already has secured at least a playoff for Rio-2016.