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Juan Ángel Napout: we can be optimistic

Juan Ángel Napout: we can be optimistic

"We have seen a very good tournament. Renewal is looming and I see that we will be well represented at the U-20 World Cup in New Zealand, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the Pan American Games in Canada," said Mr. Juan Angel Napout, president of CONMEBOL, in making an analysis of the "Juventud de América" Championship that just concluded in Uruguay.

"The Uruguayan Association was a worthy host and CONMEBOL recognizes that government authorities contributed much to the success of the tournament. There has not been any inconvenience, people were very peaceful and friendly with all the delegations. Champion Argentina played some very good football both individually and collectively. Our congratulations to Mr. Luis Segura, president of the AFA. Do not forget that San Lorenzo is the current champion of the Libertadores and River of the Sudamericana," he continued.

"No one can object to the title won by Argentina. The final game was great. A sellout crowd. Argentina won without taking away the tremendous efforts of the local team, which deservedly also will represent us at the World Cup. The selections from Peru and Paraguay also will be protagonists of the Pan American Games in Canada. We should emphasize these achievements because it is a reward for the effort of the players and the leaders. It is not always possible to reach the podium, but is very noble to try..."

"The presence of Colombia shows the constant progress of the country in recent times. Work and organization are indispensable tools to progress. Uruguay and Brazil have both had a good tournament and will be part of the World Cup."

Happy surprise 

"I have seen up close how the tournament developed and I am happily surprised to see the future players of the main national teams and I can assure you that they are good. The associations and Conmebol have really invested in these young talents and we can be optimistic."

Copa América Centennial-USA 2016​

Regarding the meeting in the city of Punta del Este, on February 5, with the authorities of CONCACAF regarding the Copa America the president said that "this could not be better. We analyzed several issues in an atmosphere of openness and respect. We will continue talking with President Webb during his next stay in Asuncion. We have made great strides because there is openness in all aspects and the Copa América Centenario will be a major event that will always be remembered."

Viaja a Buenos Aires

President Napout will now travel to Buenos Aires for the Recopa Sudamericana between San Lorenzo and River Plate to be played on Wednesday February 11th in Argentina's capital.