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U-20 Sudamericano: Montevideo, a remembrance and hope to the immediate future

U-20 Sudamericano: Montevideo, a remembrance and hope to the immediate future


The tournament has been a dizzying elapse between goals, stats and the memory of Montevideo, with the imposing Centenario stadium as an eternal flame of hope.

And so, the 20th U-20 Sudamericano tournament has come to an end, with Argentina being crowned for the 5th time as the champion.

Colombia's steady ascent brought them to second place while Uruguay and Brazil, completed the four spots representing CONMEBOL at the World Cup in  New Zealand.

The striker Giovanni Simeone, Angel Correa, Mammana were high points for the Argentinean team. Gaston Guruceaga, Franco Acosta, Gaston Pereiro, excelled as well for Uruguay.

Colombia, came out as a united team and showed their strength in the final match against Brazil, in a 3-0 rout.  Joao Rodríguez, Andrés Tello and Jeison Lucumí were responsible for the win, although it is fair to admit that Colombia was perhaps the most compact team of the tournament

Brazil: Malcolm, Gabriel and Eduardo made the difference. Chile had the talent of Diego Rojas and the strength of its captain, Sebastian Vegas, a notable defender.

Bolivia also showed that individuals can be consolidated: Carlos Añez, and Leonardo Vaca.  For Venezuela, with its keeper Escorcia Kleiner and John Murillo.  Also Paraguay had figures such as Roque Guachiré and Juan Danilo Santacruz.  Peru also had their stars, with Alexander Succar and Miguel Carranza, and we do not want to forget Ecuadorian brothers Xavier and Jose Cevallos. 

We offer our readers special moments of the tournament through this sequence of photos: