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Barquisimeto, the city of women's football

Barquisimeto, the city of women's football toured Barquisimeto, one of the largest cities in Venezuela and most important of Lara State which is currently hosting the fifth edition of the Women's U-17 Sudamericano.  

The warm city of over a million inhabitants, located in western Venezuela, is a picturesque town that preserves its traditions and colonial areas; the craft of their peoples, faith in the Divina Pastora, its musical skills and the friendliness of its people are its main characteristics. What can also be added is the fervor shown to women's football.

For each round from the start of the women's championship one can see near the Metropolitano Stadium in Lara, hundreds of fans to see their teams play. 

With jerseys on, flags waving, shouting encouragement for the 90 minutes and as good hosts, the fans continue to support the players and teams. 

The public support for the 'Vinotinto' women's team is unconditional. The fans expect their team to hoist their second title after the one obtained last year in Paraguay (2013). Kenneth Zseremeta, technical director of the local team, has said "this is the time when one can see the value and potential of women's football and hopefully this will be made known and promoted."

There are still four games left to be played and it is expected that the day of the final, on Sunday, March 20 at the Metropolitano Stadium, will be one for the history books and a great festival of football where the cheers reverberate and reach all corners of Barquisimeto, women's football city...