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Brazil and Venezuela qualify to the FIFA Women's Under-17 World Cup

Brazil and Venezuela qualify to the FIFA Women's Under-17 World Cup

Brazil brings their jogo bonito to the final

The Brazilians have put two years ago behind them when they were eliminated early from the Sudamericano by getting past Colombia 2-0 and bagging a ticket to the big dance.

The opening goal was scored by Kerolin Israel Ferraz to put Brazil ahead 1-0.

It was Nycole Silva in the second half who scored the next goal in the 76th minute. The goal seemed to take the breath out of Colombia as they had no answer in response.  

With the win Brazil jumps to six points, while Colombia have no points. Thus Brazil claimed the first ticket to the World Cup.

Brazil's last match will be on March 20 against hosts Venezuela in a match that will crown the champion of the fifth edition of the U-17 Sudamericano.



Kemelli Firmino; Isabella Fernandes, Isabela Da Silva, Thais Da Silva, Angelina Alonso Constantino; Rayane Oliveira De Souza, Bianca Caetano Ferrara, Micaely Dos Santos, Jaqueline Dos S. Almeida; Nycole Sobrinho and Kerolin Ferraz.

Subs: Nicole Ramos, Camila Soares, Sabrina Camatta, Andressa Pereira Rosa, Rayane Da Silva Arruda, Paloma M. De Lemos, Karla Alves Machado, Ana Vitória Araujo, Olivia De Moraes, María Jhulia Azarias and Stefane Pereira Rosa.


Camila Zamorano; Camila Agudelo, Manuela Vanegas, Maira Ramírez, Sofía Montoya; Angeli Solarete y Angelica Ramos; Fernanda Calderon, Laura Chirva; Maireth Pérez and Laura Chavez.

Subs: Michell Lugo, Allyson Ballesteros, Lina Gómez, Isabella Beron, Mariana Cardona, Laura Colorado, Laura Barreto and Kelly Restrepo.

Goals: Kerolin Israel Ferraz y Nykole Silva (Brasil)

Yellow cards: Yasleyoi Cordora (Colombia); Nycole Silva (Brazil).


Venezuela shows no mercy on Paraguay

In the second game Venezuela defeated Paraguay 6-2 in the Metropolitano stadium. With the win the 'Vinotinto' got the second ticket to the WC.

A hat trick from Deyna Castellanos (27', 54' and 82' penalty), a brace from Yerliane Moreno at 21' and 29' and another from Jeismar Head (penalty) at 87' sent the fans into a frenzy and their beloved team onto the World Cup in Jordan. It was a back and forth affair with plenty of passes and speed. The 'Albirroja' got their two goals from Dahiana Bogarín at 80' and Limpia Fretes in stoppage time (90+1).

Venezuela now sits on six points and will contest their final match of the tournament against Brazil, who also has six points. The match will start at 11:15 am local time, while Paraguay and Colombia will play for the third and final ticket to the FIFA U-17 World Cup at 9:00 pm. Both matches will be held in the Metropolitano stadium.



Verónica Herrera, Hilary Vergara, Sandra Luzardo, Daniuska Rodríguez, Ma. Gabriela García, Deyna Castellanos, Yerliane Moreno, Dayana Rodríguez, Nayluisa Cáceres, Gladysmar Rojas and Olimar Castillo.

Subs: Alexa Castro, Iceis Briceño, Jhosanny Brito, Lidey Flores, Heliamar Alvarado, Nikol González, Keisy Rondon, Leydis Pérez, Jeismar Cabeza, Adrianny Luna and Nohelis Coronel.


Natasha Martínez; Vanessa Arce, Limpia Fretes, Yessica Cabñas, Daysy Bareiro; María Martínez, Rosa Miño, Camila González, Deisy Ojeda; Jessica Martínez and Fabiola Sandoval.

Subs: Arianne González, Fatima Pedrozo, Jessica Sánchez, Dahiana Bogarín, Antonella Tande, Doracile Pereira, Graciela Martínez, Natalia Villsanti, Katia Martínez, María Segovia and Verónica Britos.

Goals: Deyna Castellanos (x3), Yerliane Moreno (x2) y Jeismar Cabeza (Venezuela); Limpia Fretes and Dahiana Bogarín (Paraguay).

Yellow cards: Limpia Fretes and Deisy Ojeda (Paraguay).