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The twins of Brazil

The twins of Brazil

Stefane Pereira Rosa and Andressa Pereira Rosa were called-up by Luiz Antonio Ribeiro, coach of the Brazilian U-17 team, for the Sudamericano that is currently underway in Venezuela. They are 16 years old and have played football since the age of 8.

"We are very happy," express the twins while chatting with "It is our first Sudamericano and we are already qualified to the World Cup," emphasizes Stefane.

Andressa wears number 13 on her jersey and is a defender, while Stefane uses number 12 and is one of the goalkeepers for the 'Seleção'.

The other players on the team can only tell Stefani and Andressa apart by the mole the right cheek of the goalkeeper. "Thank God that we play different positions and there is no way to confuse us because we have different color uniforms," adds Andressa.

And now the Rosa twins are hoping they get called up to play in the World Cup in Jordan. "We will work hard to be included and always represent our country, always together," they conclude.