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Paraguay with ticket in hand for Jordan 2016

Paraguay with ticket in hand for Jordan 2016

A fierce Paraguay did what needed to be done on the pitch to claim a win and a spot in the World Cup. It took Paraguay a bit to settle into the game and it cost them when Colombia opened the scoring through Micaela Vanegas. But Paraguay came back with Jessica Martinez scoring twice, one from the penalty spot, to turn the game around before the end of the first half.

In the second half the 'Albirrojas' maintained possession of the ball. They had a few chances to widen their lead but couldn't quite get that extra goal. However the 2-1 win was enough to celebrate their qualification. The team joins Brazil and Venezuela as representations of South America in the World Cup to be held in Jordan.



Camila Zamorano; Isabella Beron, Manuela Vanegas, Sofía García, Sofía Montoya; Camila Agudelo, Angélica Ramos, Melissa Rivas, Lina Gómez; Maireth Pérez and Maira Ramírez.

Subs: Michell Lugo, Allyson Ballesteros, Anyeli Solarte, Laura Chávez, Mariana Cardona, Fernanda Calderon, Laura Chirva, Yasleydi Cordoba, Laura Colorada, Laura Barreto and Kelly Restrepo.


Natasha Martínez; Vanessa Arce, María Martínez, Yéssica Cabañas, Daysy Bareiro; Rosa Miño, Deisy Ojeda, Sahiana Bogarín, Fabiola Sandoval; Jessica Martínez and María Segovia.

Subs: Arianne González, Fátima Pedrozo, Jessica Sánchez, Antonella Tande, Doracile Pereira, Graciela Martínez, Camila González, Natalia Villasanti, Katia Martínez, Verónica Britos.

Goals: Manuela Vanegas 18’ (Colombia); Jessica Martínez 33’ and 38’ (Paraguay).

Yellow cards: Isabela Beron 16´, Camila Zamorano 34’ (Colombia); Yéssica Cabañas 86’ (Paraguay).

Congratulations to the Paraguayan women, worthy representatives of South America at the WC!