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Champions once again!

Champions once again!

Venezuela snuck past Brazil 1-0 in the final match at the Metropolitano Stadium in Lara and is champion for a second time of the Women's U-17 Sudamericano. ​

The curtain has come down at the Women's U-17 Sudamericano after 20 days of action in Venezuela. The host team made their thousands of fans happy as they raised for the second time in their history the tournament trophy. 

On one side was the always dangerous Brazil with their 'jogo bonito' and tactical play. Brazil has twice won the tournament and have such players of stature as Kerolin and Micaely, who showed their skills before a sellout stadium.

On the other side of the ball was Venezuela with the local support and such outstanding players as Daniuska Rodríguez and Deyna Castellanos who showed their skills to the delight of the 44,000 people who attended the match, a historic event for women's football in South America.

The first half was a tightly contested affair but with a few tense moments for both sides. However the first half would end with the scoreboard showing 0-0. In the second half star Deyna Castilian appeared once again at the 47 minute mark to show why she was the top goal scorer of the tournament. On a spectacular individual play she scored the first and only goal of the game to set off the delirium of an entire country.



Verónica Herrera, Hilary Vergara, Sandra Luzardo, Daniuska Rodríguez, Ma. Gabriela García, Deyna Castellanos, Yerliane Moreno, Dayana Rodríguez, Nayluisa Cáceres, Gladysmar Rojas, Olimar Castillo.

Subs: Alexa Castro, Iceis Briceño, Jhosanny Brito, Lidey Flores, Heliamar Alvarado, Nikol González, Keisy Rondon, Leydis Perez, Jeismar Cabeza, Adrianny Luna and Nohelis Coronel.

Brazil: Kemelli Firmino; Isabella Fernandes, Isabela Da Silva, Thais Da Silva, Angelina Alonso, Rayane Oliveira de Souza, Bianca Caetano Ferrara, Micaely Dos Santos, Jaqueline Ribeiro, Nykole Silva and Kerolin Israel Ferraz.

Subs: Nicole Ramos, Camila Silva Soares, Sabrina Ramos Camatta, Andressa Pereira Rosa, Rayane Da Silva Arruda, Paloma de Lemos, Karla Alves Machado, Ana Vitória Araujo, Olivia de Moraes, Maria Jhulia Azarias and Stefane Pereira Rosa.

Goals: Deyna Castellanos 47’ (Venezuela).