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Record numbers at the Under-17 Women's Sudamericano

Record numbers at the Under-17 Women's Sudamericano

Three weeks that marked a before and after in women's football. That was the 20 days of competition in Venezuela at the Women's Under-17 Sudamericano that broke records for women's football in South America.

Here we review some numbers​:

  1. The Metropolitano Stadium in Lara was at its full capacity of 45,321 spectators.
  2. A total of 71 goals were scored, an average of 2.73 per game.
  3. There were 6 hat tricks: 2 for Deyna Castellanos (Venezuela), 2 for Jessica Martinez (Paraguay), 1 for Danyuska Rodriguez (Venezuela) and 1 for Nycole Sobrinho Silva (Brazil). 
  4. Deyna Castellanos with 12 goals scored was the top scorer of the tournament. She scored the most goals since the start of the Sudamericano in 2008.
  5. Nayluisa Cáceres, the Venezuela goalkeeper, was the top keeper allowing just three goals.      
  6. The three goals that Venezuela conceded all came from the same team: Paraguay (two in the group stage and one in the Final Phase).       

The event began and started brilliantly, much owing to the support and good behavior of the thousands of fans who attended the Metropolitan Stadium. It is clear that women's football has bloomed on our continent; it has shown that love and passion reign in South America women's football. We will continue to watch these talented girls where ever the game will take them around the world. Thanks Venezuela!