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Sudamericano: Bolivia says goodbye with a win, while Peru and Uruguay will battle for 5th place

Sudamericano: Bolivia says goodbye with a win, while Peru and Uruguay will battle for 5th place

Bolivia defeats Venezuela 5-4 while disputing the 9th position

Goals from Julio Zambrano (2), Berthi Alpiri (1), Robert Guzman (1) and Pedro Lopez (1), gave Bolivia the victory over the Venezuelan team, on the sixth date of the Beach Soccer Sudamericano Tournament in the city of Manta, Ecuador.

This match determined the ninth position corresponding to the overall standings of the qualifying event for the 2015 World Cup in Portugal.

For Venezuela, Héctor Muñoz (2), Winder Muñoz (1) and Jonathan Moreno (15) converted their scores.


Peru defeats Colombia 5-4 in overtime

At the end of regulation the scoreboard at the Murcielago Arena, was 4-4 between Peru's and Colombia's national teams, in a game refereed by Brazilian Ivo de Moraes, and assistants Joseph Cortez (Ecuador ), Javier Betancourt (Uruguay) and Mariano Romo (Argentina).

The match was extremely even, and played very strongly, which generated the applause of the fans in attendance.

The scores for the Colombians during regulation were by Carlos Hernandez (1), Erich Moshamer (1), Levid Sánchez (1) and an a mistaken goal against his own team by Gustavo Acuña.

The Peruvians, meanwhile, were lifted by Socrates Vidal (1), Gustavo Acuña (1) and Angelo Castro (1). The fourth goal was also scored by mistake against his own team by Colombian Omar Ortega.

Already two minutes and twenty-three seconds in overtime, and Andy Reyes Moscoso was commissioned to convert the fifth and final goal of the game which gave the Peruvians the edge for the victory.


Uruguay overcame Chile 5-2

On Friday, Uruguay defeated Chile 5-2 in the Beach Soccer Sudamericano with scores from Capurro, Vallarino, Cabrera, Sobral and Rosa.

Earlier, by Bolivia defeating Venezuela 5-4 and taking the 9th place of the tournament, that left Venezuela at the very bottom of the standings.

On Saturday, the semifinals of the Sudamericano Tournament will be played.  Brazil will face Ecuador, while Paraguay rise against Argentina.

Uruguay will play on Sunday at 16: 15 hours against Peru, while trying to secure 5th place. 


Results and Definitions (Date 24.04)

Final Phase

Friday, April 24th

16:15h: Bolivia 5 – 4 Venezuela  (9th Place)

17:30h: Colombia 4 – 5 Peru (5th Place)

18:45h: Chile 2 – 5 Uruguay (5th Place)


Saturday, April 25th

16:15h: Colombia -  Chile (7th Place)

17:30h: Brazil  – Ecuador  (Semifinal)

18:45h: Paraguay – Argentina  (Semifinal)


Sunday, April 26th

16:15h: Peru -  Uruguay (5th Place)

17:30h: Semifinal Losing Teams (Third Place)

18:45h: Semifinal Victorious Teams (Final)