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Communiqué from the Disciplinary Unit


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Communiqué from the Disciplinary Unit

The Disciplinary Tribunal in regards to the incidents in the match played on May 14 in Buenos Aires between clubs Boca Juniors and Atletico River Plate at the 2015 Copa Bridgestone Libertadores, has resolved to...

1) Disqualify CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS from the 2015 Copa Bridgestone Libertadores, without exclusion from future competitions.

2) Impose on CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS a sanction to play their next four (4) matches in competitions organized by CONMEBOL behind closed doors.

3) Prohibit CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS to sell tickets to their fans for the next four (4) away matches in official competitions organized by CONMEBOL. This prohibition of ticket sales to fans of CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS extends to clubs playing at home in the said matches.

4) Impose on CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS a fine of 200,000 US DOLLARS. The amount of this fine will automatically be debited from the amount to be received by CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS from CONMEBOL in royalties or sponsorship, or otherwise must be paid wholly or partly in the bank account CONMEBOL specifies for this purpose.

5) Expressly warn CLUB ATLÉTICO BOCA JUNIORS that if a repeat of any violation of the same or similar nature which has brought this about the provisions of Art. 43 of the disciplinary regulations, and the consequences that may arise thereof, will be applied.

This decision may be appealed to the Court of Appeals of CONMEBOL within seven days from the day following the notification of this decision.


Luque, Greater Asunción, May 16, 2015