Argentina ended their run at the U-20 World Cup with a scoreless draw against Austria on the final date of the B, and after  Myanmar was also defeated at the hands of New Zealand in Group A, which meant the South American's farewell to the tournament.

Argentina knew that they needed a victory in order to advance while not depending on any other team's results, and after a few first minutes in which goalkeeper Augusto Batalla had to get used to playing deep into the field, the Argentinean team's offensive attack dominated the match.  In fact, Austria did not return near the post for the rest of the game, but Argentina ran into another problem: the match against Tino Casali.  The Austrian was an impregnable wall.

In the first attack, luck was on the side of the goalkeeper: Angel Correa overflowed at full speed and sent a perfect pass to Nicolas Tripichio, but the shot hit midfielder Giovanni Simeone which deflected the shot and missed the scoring opportunity.

Then it was Casali's show.  He warmed up his gloves against Correa, took out an amazing shot by stretching to his right, he also shot down two of Simeone's shots at the net with sensational moves.


Casali proved to be a wall

In the second half Argentina came out at full steam, but missed everytime.  An attempt by Emanuel Mammana after it cleared the corner did not yield results.  A rebound, with powerful center-shot by Cristian Espinoza, too, proved fruitless.

The Humberto Grondona team, went out with passion and determination, but the definition would not come.

Casali became decisive in the air, and near the end, again against Correa.  Argentina played hard, but the win did not materialize.

Casali resisted, Myanmar fell against the hosts ... and Argentina went packing home.

Austria, was able with the result to advance to the next round in the Group B, and will meet on June 11th in Whangarei the second place team of Group F.


Source: FIFA