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Pan American Games: Uruguay aims for the championship

Pan American Games: Uruguay aims for the championship


The Uruguayan national team appealed once again to their history at the Pan American Games on Thursday, while clawing back in the 2-1 win against Brazil, which has given them a ticket to the final of the tournament.

Uruguay, who played with one less player for 65 minutes due to the expulsion of midfielder, Mauricio Lemos, during the first half, turned the game around after Brazil's first strike by Clayton (75).  In a span of two minutes, the Uruguayans went on the attack and won the game, at the Hamilton Stadium.

Andrés Schettino (85) scored after a corner kick, and Michael Santos (86), seconds later, in a stunning individual action, gave the victory to the "Celestial" squad.

"We knew that Brazil was a very tough opponent, but when teams play against the Uruguayans, they do not know what happens after we get loose," said Nicolas Albarracin after the victory.

"It is commendable, to stand out.  I know the players we have, as well as their output during this amazing game. We just got comfortable, while maintained a defensive scheme that kept us in the game, and an attack that allowed us to win," added head coach, Fabian Coito at the end of the match.

Thus, Uruguay, will find out on Sunday whether they will face Mexico or Panama, in the Pan American Games Final.  Their only victory dates back to Caracas' 83, when they defeated Brazil 1-0 thanks to a goal from Miguel Peirano.