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Futsal's Copa America: Paraguay reveals its roster and schedule

Futsal's Copa America: Paraguay reveals its roster and schedule



Paraguay has defined its 14 player roster for Futsal's Copa America Tournament, which will be played between August 23rd and the 30th, in the Ecuadorian city of Portoviejo.

They will face Peru in their debut, followed by Argentina, Ecuador and closing the group stage against Chile.  The top to teams from each group will move to the semifinals.  The teams sharing thrid place will play for the fifth position, while the fourth place teams will play against each other for the seventh spot.

Here is the list of the roster:

1- Carlos Alberto Espínola

2- Rodrigo Emmanuel Ayala Pereira

3- Fabio Aníbal Alcaraz Argüello

4- Rodrigo Gabriel Ayala

5- Richard Rejala

6- José Luis Santander

7- Juan Gómez Salas

8- Hugo Martínez

9- Juan Pedrozo

10- René Villalba

11- Hugo Martínez

12- Gabriel Giménez

13- Nicolás Zaffe

14- Magno Pereira

Head Coach: Carlos Raúl Chilavert

Staff: Gustavo Cortaza


Sunday, August 23rd Paraguay vs. Peru

Tuesday, August 25th: Argentina vs. Paraguay

Wednesday, August 26th: Ecuador vs. Paraguay

Thursday, August 27th: Paraguay vs. Chile

Semifinals, Saturday, August 29th. Third place team against each other, while first teams against second place teams (Remaining 2 teams will advance)

Final,  Sunday, August 30th


Source: APF.