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Futsal: Argentina calls 24 players

Futsal: Argentina calls 24 players

Giustozzi Diego released the list of players to begin practicing in January ahead of the Futsal qualifiers.

A group of 11 players, participants in the local Argentina league, will begin work on Monday, January 4 at Ezeiza. However, more players from the Under-20 team and those currently playing in European tournaments will join them.

The players will train until the first week of February. This squad will be whittled down to the team that will travel to Asuncion, Paraguay to play the qualifiers.

The call ups: 

Goalkeepers: Nicolás Sarmiento (Palma Futsal), Matías  Quevedo (Barracas Central), Brian  Steccato (Jorge Newbery), Javier  López (Country de Banfield) and Lucas Farach (Kimberley).

Defense: Maximiliano Rescia (Pescara C5), Pablo Taborda (Gruppo Fasina Luparense), Luciano  Avelino (Latina C5), Mauro Taffarel (Boca Juniors) and Damián Stazzone (San Lorenzo).

Defensive wingers: Fernando Wilhelm (Benfica), Lucas   Bolo Alemany (Napoli C5), Sebastián Corso (Latina C5), Gerardo Battistoni (Latina C5) and Matías Kruger (Boca Juniors).

Ofensive wingers: Leandro Cuzzolino (Pescara C5), Cristian Borruto (Pescara C5), Lucas Trípodi  (Palma Futsal), Constantino Vaporaki (Boca Juniors), Gonzalo Abdala (Boca Juniors) and Basile Santiago (Kimberley).

Pivots: Alan  Brandi (Benfica), Lucas Maina (Latina C5) and Alamiro Vaporaki (Boca Juniors).


Source: AFA