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Yamila Rodríguez and the pride of representing her country

Yamila Rodríguez and the pride of representing her country

"To represent my country is an honor for me and my family," so begins Yamila's story of how she started out in football. 

Yamila Rodríguez, the charismatic 17 year old Argentine has three goals with the Albiceleste and full of happiness says "I'm very happy for everything that is happening."

Yami is from Posadas and lives with her mother and some of her brothers. "We are five girls and five boys, plus my parents," she relates on how she comes from a large family. She started out in football with club Huracán but currently plays for Boca Juniors.

During the singing of the National Anthem of Argentina before one of the matches of the Sudamericano, Yamila could be seen shedding some tears. We ask her about that moment: "it is my first Sudamericano. To sing the anthem made me cry with happiness. Like all Argentina, to sing it is unique."

After she scores a goal she celebrates with the ball inside her jersey.  We wondered about that: "it was for my sister, who is expecting a baby. Another was for my mom."

When she is in scoring position she first wants to score: "if I'm close I shoot, if I am close to a teammate I pass."

"Alex Morgan and Marta are my role models in women's football," she explains. As for the boys she mentions Carlos Tevez, "for me he is the best in the world, a very humble guy."

The nickname she has been given is "the crazy one", "because I always make people laugh," she says and confirms that. Thanks Yami!