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Huracán wants an international title

Huracán wants an international title

The press office of Club Atlético Huracán sent the following information which details the history of the club.


Huracán or Globo, their nickname, has 13 stars in its 107 year history.


5 First Division Championships


1921 – Champion of the Argentina Association

1922 – Champion of the Argentina Association

1925 – Champion of the Argentina Association

1928 – Argentina Amateurs Association champion 

1973 – Champion of the Metropolitano of the First Division


8 national titles


1920– Champion Copa Estímulo (Tournament between teams of the First Division).

1922– Champion Copa Ibarguren (annual tournament contested between the champions of Buenos Aires and Rosario. Huracán defeated Newell’s 1-1 and 1-0.

1925 – Champion Copa Ibarguren (Huracán defeated Tiro Federal of Rosario por 2-1).

1942 – Champion Copa Adrián Escobar (Annual tournament held between the first seven teams in the official Championship table. Huracán eliminated Newell's, San Lorenzo and won the final against River Plate).

1943 – Champion Copa Adrián Escobar (Huracán eliminated River Plate, Independiente and defeated Platense in the final).

1944 – Champion Copa Competencia Británica (tournament between teams of the First Division. Huracán eliminated Vélez, San Lorenzo, Newell’s and defeated Boca Juniors in the final 4-2).

2014 – Champion Copa Argentina (top tournament held for the fifth time with the participation of 261 teams from around the country. Huracán won the final over Rosario Central in a penalty shootout 5-4).

2015 – Champion Supercopa Argentina (a one-off game between the winner of the Superfinal 2013-2014 and winner of the Copa Argentina 2014. Huracán defeated River Plate 1-0 with a goal from Edson Puch. This title gave a spot in the Copa Sudamericana 2015).


Other stats


1) In the historical table of average ticket sales per game, Huracán is located in sixth place. Source: Diario Olé (2009):

Boca 17,447
River 16,279
S.Lorenzo 11,585
Racing 11,428
Independiente 11,180

2) Has won 13 official titles of the AFA (top league):

5 First Division championships: Argentina Association 1921, 1922 and 1925, Argentina Amateur Association 1928 and Metropolitano AFA 1973.
8 national titles: Copa Estímulo (1920), Copas Ibarguren (1922 and 1925), Copas Adrián Escobar (1942 and 1943), Copa Competencia Británica (1944), Copa Argentina (2014) and Supercopa Argentina (2014).

3) Eight runner-ups: Argentina Association 1920 and 1923, Copa de Honor AFA 1936, First Division AFA 1939, Metropolitano AFA 1975 and 1976, Clausura AFA 1994 and 2009.

4) The only club that faces the five other big Argentine clubs in the so-called "classic" game.

5) Has in their ranks the third top scorer in the history of Argentine soccer, Herminio Masantonio, behind Arsenio Erico and Angel Labruna. Masantonio is the player with the best goal average in the history of the Argentina national team. Huracán is, together with Estudiantes (LP) and behind the other big five, the sixth club in the amount of players given to the national team in World Cups. Tucho Mendez is the top scorer in the Copa America and Guillermo Stabile was top scorer of the 1930 World Cup. In addition, Emilio Baldonedo, Herminio Masantonio and Tucho Mendez (all players from Globo) are the top scorers for Argentina against Brazil. Meanwhile, Guillermo Stabile and Cesar Menotti were two coaches of the National Team. Moreover, Globo is the only team in history to win an absolute top-class title (the 2014 Copa Argentina) and is the team that took the least amount of time to win an official tournament after being promoted, surpassing the mark of Rosario Central, who won the tournament in the 86-87 season.

6) Players from the club at the World Cup: Guillermo Stábile socred 8 goals in the 1930 WC, René Houseman scored 4 in the '74 and '78 WC's, Brindisi and Babington scored on apiece in Germany '74. Total: 14 goals scored, most by players from one club.

7) With capacity for 50,000 spectators, the Tomas A. Duco is one of the most impressive stadiums in Argentina.

8) After Boca-River and Racing-Independiente, the Huracán-San Lorenzo match is considered the third most important derby.

9) Huracán has the record for ticket sales (it sold over 33,000) in a match not disputed by any of the other big five: it was in 1947 against Atlanta, and some 70,000 people watched, considering that the club members did not pay entry.

10) Huracán was the run-away winner of the poll conducted by the sports daily Olé (belonging to the Clarín group) about which team is to society "the sixth biggest of Argentine football." The vote, in which about 250,000 people participated, was conducted between October and December 2001 and Globo won 79,184 votes to 47,804 of Chacarita and 29,838 of Velez Sarsfield. In addition, Huracán also won the survey of participant fans with some 20,000 more votes than Velez and Chacarita, which represents a fairly accurate survey on the number of fans of each club. And if this were not enough, the glorious Globo de Parque de los Patricios was chosen the "sixth largest" in the internal voting of the journalists of Olé.


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