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Women's U-20: Colombia, a different team

Women's U-20: Colombia, a different team

The players on the Colombian national team on entering the dressing room find messages written on paper stuck to the walls or inside their lockers. What do these messages mean? 

For the players the messages have a great significance. The psychologist who accompanies the Colombian delegation that is contesting the Women's U-20 Sudamericano in Santos, creates a very positive atmosphere in leaving these encouraging messages to each of the 21 players that make up the squad.

"At first they were general messages, but then I started personalizing them," explains Maria Paula Jaramillo.

"Today for sure, no doubt, stronger than ever. For the team!", "Today give your all, don't hold back!", "With all the strength of your heart, for the team, for YOUR team.", "perseverance, leadership and positive communication!" are some of the messages left. 

"It makes us extremely happy. The truth is it is very important for us at this time to read these and believe in ourselves," says Laura Aguirre.

In the group that spoke to there was Sara Paez, Angie Castaneda and Angie Mina, who commented that what differentiates this group from others is the joy and the camaraderie both on and off the pitch.

Thanks girls for talking with us!