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Roma and his passion for women's football

Roma and his passion for women's football

Modesto Roman, president of Brazilian club Santos, is head of the Local Organizing Committee of the Women's Under-20 Sudamericano Championship.

Roma is passionate about women's football and oversees its development.

Under his presidency from the current year, he gives support to 32 professional players. The players live in a house across from the stadium of Santos, Vila Belmiro, where they are provided with food, a health plan plus a salary.

The athletes compete in the principal national tournaments and are now in the preseason of the Brazilian Championship that starts in January 2016.

"I really appreciate women's football. We intend to keep developing it," says Mr. Roma

Its growth depends on everyone, "we will achieve this growth if we unite. There must be unity without arguing. It is difficult but we will get it," he declares.

As for the Sudamericano that is entering its final phase, he says it is "the best teams and the most balanced. We know it's difficult to put together a team. The work is hard in the men's game and even more so in the women's."

He appreciates the willingness of all the organizers, all the delegations and their representatives. Finally he wishes success to the two teams who will win the right to play in the FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup.

"The two teams will take up the name of South America. We will keep progressing. Women's football is growing in South America," Mr. Roma concludes.