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The moment of truth in Santos

The moment of truth in Santos

A heart-stopping finish. That well describes the third and last round of the Women's U-20 Sudamericano 2015 edition which takes place in Santos - Brazil. 

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela reach the final with two points apiece. In the first two rounds all the teams fought to draws. The title will be decided in the matches scheduled for Thursday, December 3 at 5:00 pm local time.

Venezuela vs. Colombia 

Colombia and Venezuela lock horns for the coveted title. The strength of the defense, midfield containment and talent of the forwards on both teams will offer a spectacle worthy of a final.

El clásico

El clásico of South American football will be on display when Argentina and Brazil face off in the other game of the final day of competition.

A top-level match as usual, with stars from every side, illuminate this final.

Award ceremony

After the matches the award ceremony will commence as follows:

1. Awarding of medals to the referees of the final game.

2. Awarding of medal to the third place team.

3.  Awarding of medal to the second place team.

4. Awarding of the fair play trophy.

5. Awarding of the trophy to the top scorer.

6. Awarding of the medals to the winning team.

7. Awarding of the trophy to the winning team.