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Club World Cup: Luis Suarez finishes as top scorer and MVP

Club World Cup: Luis Suarez finishes as top scorer and MVP

Luis Suarez, author of a hat-trick in the semi-final and with an added brace on Sunday's final against River Plate (3-0) finished as top scorer of the tournament and was voted as the MVP.

While winning the fifth title of Barcelona in 2015, the 'Gunman' scored twice while playing the final game at the International Stadium in Yokohama. He received both the Top Scorer and MVP trophies.

Right behind Suarez, and although having only played the final, Lionel Messi received the Silver Trophy, while Andres Iniesta took the Bronze.

"The important thing was that we got the title, as well as the enthusiasm the team played with.  We know how difficult it is to play South American teams, and we were worried until Leo opened the account.  We need to keep playing with the same intensity," said MVP Suarez immediately following the match.

The Uruguayan also made reference to key forwards Lionel Messi and Neymar, who were doubtful due to physical issues, but eventually entered the lineup.

"They wanted to play, even with some difficulty, so everyone made sacrifices," Suarez added.

Text: AFP