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The best Club in the World has a South American backbone

The best Club in the World has a South American backbone

Barcelona has once again won another international title and at this point, anything can be debated and discussed, but there is an undeniable fact about the fundamental strength that comes from the South American players.

There is no question about it, the backbone of the Barcelona team is made up by the following South American players:

Claudio Bravo (Chile) Has always been a constant presence on the field and in the final against River Plate had very important saves, which adds another title to a fantastic year.

Dani Alves (Brazil) Has been part of the right defensive lateral for a long time and engages well in the attack while joining the great strikers of the team.

Javier Mascherano (Argentina) Plays in a different position than on the Argentinean national team, but it has not limited his great defensive prowess, along with great vision at the top of the field.

Neymar (Brazil) Has completed an excellent year, especially during the period when Messi could not play.  His responsibilities have increased during that period and has lived up to the role.  In the end he could not convert but more than made up for it with assists to Messi and Suarez.

Luis Suarez (Uruguay) He is the ideal complement for Messi and Neymar, whom helped him convert five goals during the tournament.

Messi (Argentina) Still surprised many with his appearance in the final, due to a physical ailment, and helped his team to create some distance with the opening score.

There is no doubt, Bravo, Alves, Mascherano, Neymar, Suarez, and Messi, are the South American backbone of a Barcelona team that just became champion of a third Club World Cup.




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