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Ángel Di María: “I hope the third time is the charm”

Ángel Di María: “I hope the third time is the charm”

Angel Di Maria hopes that this time Argentina can win the title after playing in the final of the 2014 World Cup and in the previous edition of the Copa America in Chile in 2015

"My only wish is to be able to play in the final. In that first one I wasn't there and in the second I started but got injured," said one of the stars of Argentina.

"We always have the obligation to win the title for the quality of players we have...we will do our best. The monkey is on our back, more so because we lost the finals in the last two championships. But I think we did good in getting to two consecutive finals. We couldn't win but football is like that," added Di Maria in an interview with the official media of the AFA.

Regarding the debut against Chile on June 6 Di Maria said: "In the qualifying match we did things right and showed that in the final we could have won, we just missed it. Hopefully we have another chance to make things right."


Source: AFA