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All Peru celebrates: the U-15 team is undefeated champion

All Peru celebrates: the U-15 team is undefeated champion

The U-15 Peru team are undefeated champion of the sixth edition of the U-15 Sudamericano played in Bolivia. The remarkable squad had a great campaign winning all but one of their matches which was a draw. They deservedly take the title and the right to compete in Nanking, China in the Olympic Youth Games.

A great final with dedication by the players of both teams left a great impression on the fans.

There were several scoring opportunities but it was the Inca selection, with a goal from Luis Iberico on a beautiful play that gave the title to Peru.  

The match was played at the Tahuichi stadium in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

COLOMBIA (0) 12. Lucas Garcia, 3. Jefferson Valdeblanquez, 5.Stiven Vega, 14. Jhon Lucumi, 4. Hugo Daza, 17. Andrés Mosquera, 10. Jhon Arango, 6. Jesus Marimon, 21. Ronaldo Ariza, 18. Edwin Cetre and 9. Edgar Bolaños. COACH. Jorge Serna

SUBSTITUTIONS: 8. David Pérez x 10. Jhon Arango (51’); 7. Jhonathan Cuellar x 18. Edwin Cetre (64’), 19. Antonio Romero x 4. Hugo Daza (86’)

YELLOW CARDS: 3. Jefferson Valdeblanquez 13’, 17. Andrés Mosquera 78’.

PERU (1): 1. Renato Soliz, 3. Christhian Musto, 2. Gianfranco Chávez, 5. Boris Alzamora, 15. Jesús Mendieta, 8. José Corrales, 6. Jordan Guivin, 16. Carlos Rojas, 7. Kevin Peña, 17. Hideyoshi Arakaki and 9. Luis Iberico. COACH: Juan José Ore

SUBSTITUTIONS: 19 Aldair Fuentes x 7. Kevin Peña (61’)

GOAL: 9. Luis Iberico

YELLOW CARDS: 7. Kevin Peña 6’

REFEREES: REF.: Winton Sampaio (Brazil); Assistant 1: Kleber Gil (Brazil); Assistant 2: Carlos Changala  (Uruguay); 4th official : Andrés Cunha  (Uruguay). appreciates the assistance of the Press Department of the Bolivian Football Federation in the person of Javier Silva and René D. Rivero Méndez.