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Guillermo De Amores, the best goalkeeper of the World Cup

Guillermo De Amores, the best goalkeeper of the World Cup

De Amores was outstanding in the tournament leading his team to a second place finish. He allowed only three goals the entire competition and was granted the FIFA Golden Glove award that recognizes the merits of the tournament's top goalkeeper.

After that U-17 final against Mexico (2-0), Jonathan Mathias Cubero, Uruguay's starting keeper at the time, was awarded the Golden Glove

Now the situation has reversed and De Amores, with Cubero as a substitute, has achieved the distinction and has done so on his own merit.

"I am happy about the award but what matters is the team. The truth is that if I could change my prize for the title I would. We wanted to be champions and we were close, but we didn't get it," he said Saturday the the AFP in the Ali Sami Yen stadium in Istanbul.

Born nearly 19 years ago in San Jacinto, his 1.86 meters and reflexes have made him stand out from a young age until his elite debut in late 2011 with Liverpool in his country in a match against Nacional.

Coach John Verzeri soon saw the progression of the young keeper and gave him a chance on his team giving him the opportunity to be the protagonist on a team that prides itself on defense and clean sheets. 

In the decisive shootout against Iraq in the semifinals, Salman Saif approached his shot trying to intimidate De Amores using all the psychological weapons in his arsenal. The Iraqi sent the ball high and with it, the final to Uruguay. 

Against the Spanish, in the quarterfinals, he also showed great coolness and was decisive in keeping Jese Rodriguez, Paco Alcacer, Gerard Deulofeu and other top players for Spain off the scoreboard. 

Off the field De Amores uses social networking, sharing moments of his leisure time bowling with his girlfriend Catherine or his friends, but he also makes very clear that his passion is for football and the Uruguayan team. 

With his teammates he has a silver medal around his neck, but also a trophy shaped like a gold glove after a World Cup that will be very difficult for him to forget.