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The South American Football headquarters, the Football Museum, the Conmebol Convention Center, and the hotel are the buildings that remain as a legacy of the institution that has been planted by the current authorities of the South American Football Confederation for the past 26 years. 

Spread out over 98 acres, close to the international airport in Luque, the stunning facilities of South American football are standing as an example of the integration and vision for the future, a collective demonstration that puts a deep mark on the countries of South America.  One can verify through history the unquestionable importance of a sport that was born in England but has sown its seeds deeply here on the South American continent.  This sport is encouraging progress, tolerance, and solidarity.

The true integration of the countries of South American can be seen not through racial, political, or religious demonstrations but rather that football is part of our culture.

Past administrations rotated the presidency according to the nationality of the President.  However in 1992, by a unanimous decision, it was agreed that the permanent headquarters would be located in Paraguay.  

The South American Football Museum is visited daily by people from all over the world.  The museum has on display some 1,800 pieces of football history.  One can be witness to the rich trajectory and history of this sport as well as the best players who have ever graced a football pitch.  The museum is a reflection of the importance of football on the South American continent. .