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The ladies open football at the South American Games


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The ladies open football at the South American Games

With 23 games to play, the ten participating teams will seek gold in Santiago. The competition begins on Saturday, March 8 in La Florida.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Friday, March 7 at the Nacional Stadium in Santiago.

The ladies will start the competition on Saturday with a match between Colombia and Venezuela. The guys, meanwhile, open up on Sunday with the duel between the U-16 teams of Ecuador and Paraguay.

All matches in both categories will be played at the Bicentenario stadium of La Florida, located in the southern municipality of Santiago.

On the women's side Group A consists of Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. Group B has Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.

For the guys Chile is in Group A with Ecuador and Paraguay, while reigning champion Colombia is in Group B along with Argentina and Peru.

The two best teams from each zone will qualify for the semifinals, where the first of the group will face the second place team. The winners of those matchups will meet for the gold medal, while the losers will face off for the bronze medal.


March 9

18.00 Ecuador vs. Paraguay (Group A)

20.00 Colombia vs. Peru (Group B)

Free: Chile (Group A) and Argentina (Group B)

March 11

18.00 Peru vs. Argentina (Group B)

20.00 Chile vs. Ecuador (Group A)

Free: Paraguay (Group A) and Colombia (Group B)

March 13

18.00 Argentina vs. Colombia (Group B)

20.00 Paraguay vs. Chile (Group A)

Free: Ecuador (Grupo A) and Peru (Group B)

March 15

18.00 Semifinals

20.00 Semifinals

March 17

18.00 Bronze medal game

20.00 Gold medal game


March 8

16.00 Colombia vs. Venezuela (Group B)

18.00 Brazil vs. Uruguay (Group B)

20.00 Chile vs. Argentina (Group A)

Free: Bolivia (Group A)

March 10

16.00 Colombia vs. Uruguay (Group B)

18.00 Bolivia vs. Argentina (Group A)

20.00 Brazil vs. Venezuela (Group B)

Free: Chile (Group A)

March 12

16.00 Uruguay vs. Venezuela (Group B)

18.00 Brazil vs. Colombia (Group B)

20.00 Chile vs. Bolivia (Group A)

Free: Argentina (Group A)

March 14

18.00 Semifinals

March 16

18.00 Bronze medal game

20.00 Gold medal game



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