The rules for the 2013 Copa Sudamericana

The rules for the 2013 Copa Sudamericana

The South American Football Confederation announced the official rules of the 2013 Copa Sudamericana 2013 which will begin later this month.

In the disclosed document all the details and development of each tournament in each of its aspects; sports, legal, commercial and general organization, is detailed.

One of these points talks about the possession of the trophy by the champion and says "the Copa Sudamericana instituted by CONMEBOL will be in possession of the winning club temporarily. The trophy will be returned to CONMEBOL before the draw for the next competition. Every club who wins the tournament will receive a replica trophy and thirty gold medals."

Said regulation also establishes that "the champion of the Copa Sudamericana will play in the Recopa Sudamericana with the champion of the Copa Libertadores from the same year. The tournament will be a two-legged tie to be played the following year on dates to be confirmed by CONMEBOL. The champion of the Sudamericana will be the local team in the first match. "

The champion of the 2013 Copa Sudamericana will qualify for the 2014 Copa Libertadores and will play in the Suruga Bank Cup against the champion of Japan.

The rules can be read in full on this website by accessing the site "Library" in the following link: