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Taborda: "faith to believe in ourselves drove us to reach the objective"

Taborda: "faith to believe in ourselves drove us to reach the objective"

Fabian Felipe Taborda, coach of Colombia’s Women’s National senior team, is a charismatic man and low profile individual as described by his coworkers and as seen on the bench, encouraging and motivating his pupils.

He arrived at the Colombian Football Federation in 2012.  He directs the Under-17 women's team, which classified for the 2012 Women's World Cup Azerbaijan.   He is also the coach for the U-20 category, and additionally is at the helm of the Women’s senior category which recently finished second during the Women’s Copa America in Ecuador.

In this contest, Colombia went undefeated in the group stage which Taborda described as a "perfect campaign; the least of goals allowed and the only unbeaten team. I think the numbers speak for themselves. "

He talks about the recent tournament full of pride and adding: "we have a close-knit team as in a family; we are a team that plays good football and mentally tough”.

When asked about one of the most memorable moments of the tournament he answered that it was the match against Ecuador where Colombia with the win they qualified for the Pan American Games in Toronto and the Final Phase which "was where and we ensured qualification with an amazing end. The game against Venezuela was also vibrant as they have become one of our strongest rivals”.

He believes that women's football in South America is very leveled and added that "Brazil is the only team that rises slightly above the rest of the South American teams because of their quality of its players, the possibility they have to go to other leagues and for the work in the whole country behind the sport”.

To conclude the conversation "the teacher" talked about Canada’s 2015 World Cup looming on the horizon, to which he adds, "we crystallize the dream of returning to the World Cup, I feel greatly strengthened by this objective and for the joy the team has brought to the people of Colombia. It’s a reward for the effort from all of our leaders.   We have made a system driven by faith, and to believe in ourselves ".