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Paraguay: training future FIFA futsal coaches

Paraguay: training future FIFA futsal coaches

Authorities of the Futsal Division of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF) and directors of the National School of Physical Education (ENEF) signed an important cooperation agreement for the training of future trainers of this sport.

Weeks ago the ENEF had started a course for FIFA Futsal coaches. The course lasts for two years and grants a Superior Sports Coach of FIFA Futsal title, recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay.

Among the highlights of the agreement it states that this agreement is carried out within the framework of implementing the technician course in the ENEF.

It guarantees the advancement of the students in their internship by the various sports bodies who practice this sport that is growing both at a national and international level.

It establishes a schedule and internship schedules. The ENEF will handle the distribution of trainees in direct coordination with the Division of FIFA Futsal.

Meanwhile the Futsal Division is committed through its affiliates to facilitate sports internships in various programs to be implemented by the ENEF.

Both institutions are committed to compliance with the terms of the agreement. This agreement shall be submitted for approval to the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Signing the agreement was the head of the FIFA Futsal Division, José Luis Alder, accompanied by the coach of the Paraguayan Futsal Team, Carlos Raul Chilavert, and the director of the ENEF, Nelson Ovelar and vice director Julio Vera.

After the signing of the agreement the authorities of both entities expressed their great satisfaction for this great step that will allow professionals to obtain qualifications validated by the highest educational body in the country.

This deal comes in a year of utmost importance to this sport that is continuing to grow and that faces many challenges beginning with the 2016 Futsal World Cup in Colombia, where the Paraguayan national team won its classification for the 4th consecutive time under coach Carlos Chilavert, who in turn was nominated by the international press as the best coach in the qualifiers played in February in Paraguay.


Text and photo: Divisional Futsal de la APF