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Peñarol "showed its skills" in victory against Iquique


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Peñarol "showed its skills" in victory against Iquique
"Peñarol put the brakes on Iquique's momentum", was the title of La Tercera's newspaper article that went on to classify as "bitter" the first appearance of the Chileans in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores.
"Although Iquique became comfortable on the field in the first half they didn't have any ideas on how to breakdown the defense of Peñarol", the article went on.  In the second period Peñarol showed "their experience" with the game winning goal.    

El Mercurio newspaper said that the local club "carried a sign saying 'novice'" to the tournament while Peñarol is "part of the inventory".  It also said that it is a fact "the eastern giant grows spiritually in Chilean soil", where Peñarol has won three continental titles.    

According to Las Últimas Noticias, "if not for the Iquique goalkeeper (Rodrigo Naranjo), the Uruguayans could have scored at will". 

Iquique visits Argentinian champion Vélez Sarsfield for their next game in Liniers on the 20th of February.