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Uruguay, most titles in the Copa America

Uruguay, most titles in the Copa America

Uruguay has won the Copa America 15 times from 44 editions, which celebrates its centenary with a special tournament in the United States from June 3 to 26.


All the editions:

Year-Venue-Champion-Runner-up-third place

1916-Argentina Uruguay Argentina Brasil

1917-Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Brasil

1919-Brasil Brasil Uruguay Argentina

1920-Chile Uruguay Argentina Brasil

1921-Argentina Argentina Brasil Uruguay

1922-Brasil Brasil Paraguay Uruguay

1923-Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Paraguay

1924-Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Paraguay

1925-Argentina Argentina Brasil Paraguay

1926-Chile Uruguay Argentina Chile

1927-Perú Argentina Uruguay Perú

1929-Argentina Argentina Paraguay Uruguay

1935-Perú Uruguay Argentina Perú

1937-Argentina Argentina Brasil Paraguay

1939-Perú Perú Uruguay Paraguay

1941-Chile Argentina Uruguay Chile

1942-Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Brasil

1945-Chile Argentina Brasil Chile

1946-Argentina Argentina Brasil Paraguay

1947-Ecuador Argentina Paraguay Uruguay

1949-Brasil Brasil Paraguay Perú

1953-Perú Paraguay Brasil Uruguay

1955-Chile Argentina Chile Perú

1956-Uruguay Uruguay Chile Argentina

1957-Perú Argentina Brasil Uruguay

1959-Argentina Argentina Brasil Paraguay

1959-Ecuador Uruguay Argentina Brasil

1963-Bolivia Bolivia Paraguay Argentina

1967-Uruguay Uruguay Argentina Chile

1975-Sin sede fija Perú Colombia Brasil

1979-Sin sede fija Paraguay Chile Brasil

1983-Sin sede fija Uruguay Brasil Perú

1987-Argentina Uruguay Chile Colombia

1989-Brasil Brasil Uruguay Argentina

1991-Chile Argentina Brasil Chile

1993-Ecuador Argentina México Colombia

1995-Uruguay Uruguay Brasil Colombia

1997-Bolivia Brasil Bolivia México

1999-Paraguay Brasil Uruguay México

2001-Colombia Colombia México Honduras

2004-Perú Brasil Argentina Uruguay

2007-Venezuela Brasil Argentina México

2011-Argentina Uruguay Paraguay Perú

2015-Chile Chile Argentina Perú


Source: AFP